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Marie von Ahm (born 1980) was born and raised in Denmark but now lives in Barcelona. From here, she runs her own consultancy where she advises some of the biggest brands of wines in Europe. In 2007, she became the first Dane to become a permanent member of the prestigious Grand Jury Européen. Marie von Ahm has been interested in wine since she was 15. Wine is her whole life, both on a private and professional basis. She always travels with a notebook in her bag - and both Danish and foreign media enjoy the compassionate articles she writes on her passion for wine. She has written articles for Gastro and Fine Magazine, as well as working as a wine blogger for the Danish supermarket website Føtex.dk
Marie is the idea woman behind our wine tablecloths and has been the focal point in their creation, as it was necessary to find the absolute best cartographers before we could print on our damask tablecloths. A total of 6 tablecloths were created, which are now used by professionals for wine tastings, presentation at trade fairs and in their farm and gift shops. They are also used on private tables for those who share Marie’s passion for wine of course.


Georg Jensen Damask är en kulturbärare av både dansk designtradition och hantverkshistoria. Vår historia bygger på stolta vävtraditioner sedan 1756 men det har funnits vävare i familjen bakom Georg Jensen Damask ända sedan 1500-talet. Både då och nu baseras textilierna på klassisk design, med fokus på funktionalitet och kvalitet.  

Genom åren har vi samarbetat med några av de mest erkända vävarna, designerna och arkitekterna som Arne Jacobsen, Cecilie Manz, Andreas Engesvik, Margrethe Odgaard och Nanna Ditzel. Dessutom har vi utfört åtskilliga projekt med kungahuset och kan med stolthet kalla oss för Kunglig Hovleverantör.